Thursday, 15 March 2012

Affordable Luxuries

As a student, with no money, it is hard to find new and stylish clothes that are cheap and won't fall apart within 1 week. Like most girls, I love shopping so when I came to University it was hard for me to cut down on my spending habits, something which I still haven't really mastered.

However, although I only have a few pence to my name, I will still be attending the UK's biggest Vintage fair which is coming to Lincoln on Saturday 17th March in the New Life Conference Church. Although it may not be cheap, there are bound to be bargains there and things that are bang on trend this season. And hopefully we will be seeing some of these great bags, clothes and jewellery at this year's Vintage Fair.

However it is not only the Vintage Fair which has students, low on money, running around. Primark is another big YES for students, male or female. Although Primark is sometimes tacky (sorry) they do provide cheap clothes which can be great when your are running out!

But on the rare occasion they do sell clothes which could be disguised as a designers original for hundreds of pounds less.

This shows the comparison between a Prada dress and the Primark version of skirt and blouse which is a staggering £1450 less than the Prada version, and they basically look the same. I know which I would buy!

And on the rare occasion they do sell clothes which look half decent. These are some of my favourite out of the Summer 2012 Collection, and at Primark's low prices, I may have to treat myself.

And finally if Primark fails then you could take a visit to some of the boutiques up The Strait which offer great clothes, that are good in quality and are quite low in prices.
Just some of my favourites are,

Ruby Red Boutique,
They offer designer inspired clothes, shoes and handbags for great prices.

They sell great dresses, clothes, handbags, belts and jewellery which are quite cheap and worth the little extra you pay.

And finally, Birdy's Boutique,
Again, they sell celebrity style clothing at great prices, but there is more of a variety of clothing there. They sell, leggings, jeans and t-shirts, along with their own logo t-shirt.

Take a look, I'm sure you'll love them!

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