Monday, 12 March 2012

Fashion Insomnia

Yesterday, I posted 'My Shrine to Marilyn' but when I finished my blog, I started to think about my bedroom and what it means to me. My room isn't just a shrine to Marilyn Monroe, it is a shrine to fashion itself. Packed full of posters of NYC, London, Paris and Milan I have filled my bedroom full of pictures of what I love.

Using ripped up magazine pages from Glamour, Company, Elle and Cosmopolitan magazine, I have to say that I am quite proud of its appearance, and I hope that it mirrors my personality and the things I have a passion for.

I (hopefully) have been able to transform my bedroom from the prison breeze block walls to an extravagant room decorated to the nines.

Although some may view it as over-the-top I say that it is my way of expressing myself. I feel proud to introduce my room and I am also very proud of how it may seem to keen eyes of fashion.  

As cheesy as it may sound, my room gives me inspiration for when I need to do work as I can just look at my walls and gather an idea of what I want to do.

Here are a few pictures that I love;

Maybe it will help you all out there to decorate your rooms with your passions. Just from ripping pages out of my favourite magazines I have managed to transform my bedroom from dull and boring to full of life.

And finally I couldn't resist a picture with Sushi and Bamboo in.

Hope you all like!

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