Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Size doesn't Matter

After watching one of my favourite TV shows, The Biggest Loser, last night I was so shocked to see how much weight the contestants had lost within 3 months without the Biggest Loser trainers. However, although they looked incredible it got me thinking of celebrities who are not by any means skinny, and how their trend suits their weight.

One person who's 60's style is their trademark image is Adele. Almost constantly in the news she supports her 60's fashion with her bouncy hairstyle, black eye liner and red lipstick. She is an inspiration for women, particularly young girls who are over the weight deemed acceptable by model size zero standards.

Her fashion is always constant in terms of her perfect standards. She always looks flawless, and tops off her almost plain dresses with over the top jewellery, that sets off any outfit.

  Another person who isn't afraid to act on their own style, no matter what their weight, is Beth Ditto. She has a very diverse style and isn't afraid to be herself. I love this domino cat-suit, although I do think it is more dress up than going-out, but I think she looks fabulous no matter what.

This outfit is very different from the one shown previously. She is dressed almost like a 20's flapper girl. She looks amazing. I love the on trend tassel's, and the sparkle which she has going on. One of my favourite of Beth's outfits! 

And finally, Nigella Lawson, although she is the oldest at 52 out of the the three, she certainly doesn't look it. Her perfect hourglass figure is beautiful and I love the way she dresses to suit her body shape and she always looks fabulous.

She is certainly one of the most beautiful women on the plant. Her 50's style dress suits her shape and the colour is the best for her skin tone. Love it!

So well done to all The Biggest Loser finalists, you all looked incredible. However, these three women, all of different shapes and sizes prove that you don't have to be model skinny to look incredible. It's all about the confidence!

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