Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Secret Admiration

Ever since early 2009 I have had a bit of an obsession with the fabulous Katy Perry. This I can say with pride is because many people, around this time, started to compare me to this beautiful pop star, which I would blush off with secret pride and confusion.
I didn't just fall for her music however (even though I do believe this is wonderful too.) I fell for her unusual fashion taste.

Everything from, her take on the boy-girl ensemble, showing half
a suit, and half a dress.

 This carousel inspired frock, worn on her 'California Dreams' tour.
This Viktor and Rolf cheese-like gown.

Again, another costume used in her 'California Dreams' tour.  

Her half US half UK flag dress.

Possibly, one of my favourite of Katy Perry's outfits, the flowery top teamed with a pink body con skirt- beautiful!
And finally to Basil Soda's Marylin Monroe inspired gown which suits Katy's little black bob perfectly.

Her constantly changing fashion tastes are continuing to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in the eye of both fashion and the public.

But one this is for sure, she will continue to come up with new and unusual fashion that will be admired publicly and critically.

It's clear to see why Katy has so many followers in both the world of fashion and the world of music.

We love you Katy! <3

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