Sunday, 11 March 2012

My Shrine to Marilyn

It is one of my friends birthday in a couple of weeks and while we were thinking about a theme we could dress up as, one came to mind, 'What you wanted to be when you were three?' This left just one person on my mind, Marilyn Monroe. As possibly one of the most beautiful people to ever grace this world she has a special place in manys' heart, even if they weren't born in her life time. My University bedroom is dedicated to Marilyn. Fitted with 4 huge posters of her she has a special place in my heart as she changed the way the typical woman is viewed. 

A model turned actress, Norma Jean Baker, AKA Marilyn Monroe was famed for her roles as a dizzy blond and became the quintessential American sex symbol in the 50's and 60's and is still considered one today.

Her beautiful figure allowed for the most revealing of outfits, that were her prerogative. These outfits also suited her role as a ditsy blond, even if that was just for show.

Her classic figure has today allowed for many woman, of all ages to feel beautiful and not stick to the size zero trend that models follow.

She brought the world to its feet with her tight gowns that embraced her classic hourglass figure of a perfect woman that hadn't been celebrated until her reign.
                                                                                      Classic portraits show her most famous roles that grabbed audience attention and made her career for her. She is and will always be a very influential person in many women's lives.
So why did a three year old want to be Marilyn Monroe? To be honest, I don't remember what I wanted to be when I was three, probably a Princess of some sort. But I know who I want to be now, and who I have wanted to be like throughout my teens.

Like Marilyn, I have been blessed to have her classic hourglass curves, that don't follow the stereotype of how fashion is normal seen worn by models with no curves and no figure.

I hope that girls, like me, will follow the same example in fashion and the way they see and treat there body by one of the worlds greatest idols.

So, Thank You Marilyn.

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